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Student Immigration Service

We offer a free, professional checking and immigration service for Tier 4, 2 visa applications for new, current students and alumni as well as their dependents. We strongly recommend that you seek guidance from an adviser from the Council of Higher Education Commission to check your application so that it has the best possible chance of succeeding.

Our team of Student Immigration Advisers provide specialist advice to help applicants and students apply for and maintain visas. We also provide advice for staff about student immigration and are responsible for maintaining the Council of Higher Education Commission’s Tier 4 sponsor license.

Note: JANUARY – APRIL 2021 will be our final intake for the Immigration Program and, we are currently accepting applications for this final intake. As registration is fast approaching, we strongly recommend that you apply to the program at your earliest, so that you are approved and ready to register when course registration opens on that date. We are forecasting that this program will fill up quickly and once filled there will be no other opportunity to take the program with any of our accredited universities.

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CHEC has a complete directory of accredited institutes that includes high schools, colleges and universities.

Military Service Members

Various online learning programs are offered to both active and veteran military service members.

Financial Aid Programs

Several institutes’ offers financial aid programs for students from around the world.

Credit Transfer

Various online learning programs are offered to both active and veteran military service members.

High Standard of Education

CHEC mission is to assure and maintain high education standards and compliance with predetermined accreditation standards.

Accredited Academic Institutes

CHEC offers accreditation services for online high schools which offers courses and career

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A warm welcome to all from Council of Higher Education Commission!

Council of Higher Education Commission is a pioneer in the academic accreditation and equalization. Our accreditation model ensures that international education standards have been met by the institutes applied for our accreditation. We make sure that institutes accredited by us maintain the education standards and meets the standards of the industry. Our focus is to recognize, support and encourage high-quality education for students.

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