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Student Equalization

Student Equalization

CHEC student equalization service grants equalization certificates to working adults, who are seeking employment in the United States for higher professional prospects. The reason for obtaining equalization service lies in the fact that American education is different from the academic standards followed around the world. Therefore, it is necessary for every individual pursuing employment in the United States to acquire equalization certificate for previously acquired education and work experience.

Evaluation Process

CHEC’s mission is to promote higher education standards and bounds accredited institutes to maintain such standards. Apart from accreditation, we ensure and assess individuals’ degrees and qualifications meet certain academic standards predefined by Council of Higher Education Commission.

CHEC offers two types of credit equivalency evaluation packages, which include:

1. Course-By-Course Evaluation Report:

Course-By-Course Evaluation Report package provides an identity to the certificate, degree or a diploma program and helps them present them in an appropriate manner which is ideal for education, licensing and certification. This package provides equivalency for every document, files each course with semester credits and provide grade point average (GPA) on a scale of 4.0.

2. Document-By-Document Evaluation Report:

Document-By-Document Evaluation package is best suited for secondary school credentials, immigration as well as employment. Each document applied for this equalization receives an equivalency through this evaluation.

Eligibility Criteria

If an individual is seeking to pursue a career in the United States they need to apply for equalization of their degree, diploma or certification. International students can transfer indefinite credits and are required to submit approved documents from their university, college or school, according to the set guidelines. CHEC has the right to disapprove an application if any important document or information is missing.


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