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Say No To Bullying

There are numerous reasons why children are subjected to bullying. Whether it's because they want to be part of a cool gang or because they think its fun, they don't realize how damaging it is to their mental health. There are a number of reasons why someone might be motivated to do this, including the fact that it makes them feel powerful or respected. Some bullies do it to get what they want, while others bully others because they've been bullied and don't know how to take their frustrations and resentment out on someone who won't fight back. Alternatively, they may be experiencing personal difficulties that are making them feel down.

It's possible to help bullies understand their victim's feelings and the impact their behavior has on them (developing empathy, teaching them to stand up against peer pressure, and providing them with support to manage the problems they face in their own lives) – all of these things can help to permanently change bullying behavior.

Bullying is wrong, and we have taken strong measures to encourage good behavior across the school and prevent bullying in all its forms, including a policy and strategy to combat it. As a result, we strive to create a learning environment where everyone feels safe, secure, and ready to learn.

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Various online learning programs are offered to both active and veteran military service members.

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Various online learning programs are offered to both active and veteran military service members.

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CHEC mission is to assure and maintain high education standards and compliance with predetermined accreditation standards.

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Council of Higher Education Commission is a pioneer in the academic accreditation and equalization. Our accreditation model ensures that international education standards have been met by the institutes applied for our accreditation. We make sure that institutes accredited by us maintain the education standards and meets the standards of the industry. Our focus is to recognize, support and encourage high-quality education for students.

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