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Addressing the greatest global challenges of our time

Our research department supports visionary thinkers who are willing to change the world for betterment. We at Council of Higher Education Commission, are constantly look for issues that may affect the future in terms of how human action affects the world and how you can propose a solution to solve a problem. We help or students to invest in a research that shapes thinking and impacts policies to make a difference in the people’s lives.

Council of Higher Education Commission provides grant and aid for research that require intensive research work so that students can help solve problems and confront complex 21st century challenges with a relentless focus. We offer our students with the facilities and support so that can easily carry out the research and bring a difference they want to make in the world and contribute toward the betterment of the society.

Institution Search

CHEC has a complete directory of accredited institutes that includes high schools, colleges and universities.

Military Service Members

Various online learning programs are offered to both active and veteran military service members.

Financial Aid Programs

Several institutes’ offers financial aid programs for students from around the world.

Credit Transfer

Various online learning programs are offered to both active and veteran military service members.

High Standard of Education

CHEC mission is to assure and maintain high education standards and compliance with predetermined accreditation standards.

Accredited Academic Institutes

CHEC offers accreditation services for online high schools which offers courses and career

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A warm welcome to all from Council of Higher Education Commission!

Council of Higher Education Commission is a pioneer in the academic accreditation and equalization. Our accreditation model ensures that international education standards have been met by the institutes applied for our accreditation. We make sure that institutes accredited by us maintain the education standards and meets the standards of the industry. Our focus is to recognize, support and encourage high-quality education for students.

Reasons for picking an accredited educational institute for a safe future

Importance of an accredited institute cannot be overemphasized. Imagine if the degree, certificate or a diploma you have earned after hard work and...

Importance of Strategic Planning in Higher Education

Strategic planning is a systematic process for designing the future of higher education institutions. The planning process usually...


CHEC is an accreditation granting association with more than 200 members dedicated to maintain and promote extraordinary academic standards and practices. Read more about our members.