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Council of Higher Education Commission positions among the most preferred accreditation granting institutes in the United States

Council of Higher Education Commission has the prevalent number of academic institutes accredited under its name. By the end of the year 2018, CHEC successfully accredited 210+ colleges, schools and universities and 3500+ equalization certificates have been granted to individuals. CHEC’s accreditation is preferred most institutes because of its reputation in the education field as it promotes higher education standards and quality education in all fields.

CHEC has been in the education field and making significant efforts to maintaining, enhancing and promoting international educational standards in all of its accredited institutes. CHEC measures institute’s faculty, programs, tools and technology, admission and evaluation process and grading system before granting accreditation. They made sure that all the accreditation standards have been met.

CHEC due to high standards and reputation tops in being the most preferred body that delivers appropriate search results. It is the first choice among potential students, graduates and employers. Most preferred programs by employers include Business and Management, Computer Science, Graphic Designing, Psychology, Finance, Human Resource and Psychology. CHEC has accredited institutes that offer vocational programs as well.

It is the norm of the body to eliminate any institute from the list of accredited institutes if it fails to deliver the required standards. They also take serious action against those whose performance goes down the bar or any discrepancy is identified.

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