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Council of Higher Education Commission Committed To Promote World Class Education

Striving to Make Quality the Defining Element ofHigher Education in United States

Council of Higher Education Commission owns the Largest Database of Accredited Institutes Operating in United States


  • The Response to the Influx of Ukrainian Students

    Many countries are declaring support to Ukrainian students for access to their higher education institutions
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  • President Biden Nominates USDE Assistant Secretary

    On March 18, President Biden nominated Dr. Nasser Paydar to be U.S. Department of Education’s (USDE) Assistant Secretary for Postsecondary Education
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Council of Higher Education Commission aims to provide higher education of world-class quality

Council of Higher Education Commission is an American accreditation and equalization granting body for academic institutes and individuals. Council of Higher Education Commission mission is to ensure that all the accredited institute meets pre-determined standard of education in the industry. Council of Higher Education Commission is thought to be the largest independent accreditation body in the world.

  • Establishing policies for acquiring academic grant for students
  • Preparing students for future competition and global competitiveness
  • Promoting educational excellence by maintaining standards of education
  • Organizing seminars and conferences that prepares institutes to enhance their academic performance

Council of Higher Education Commission is one the America’s leading accreditation and equalization granting agency encourages educational institutes to raise their standard of education by focusing on their academic programs, educational priorities and resources.

CHEC conducts assessment and accreditation of Higher Educational Institutions to derive an understanding of the ‘Quality Status’ of the institution. CHEC has pre-defined criteria for international educational institutes who desire to opt for accreditation certificate for their institute. Educational institutes must qualify in terms of performance, quality and compliance with pre-set standards. Read More »


Council of Higher Education Commission is actively involved with government agencies, ministries and education sector to certify Council of Higher Education Commission recognition as a regional and global body providing accreditation.

Council of Higher Education Commission provides education Services for Overseas Students which obliges institutions to provide education to international students and make sure to meet national education standards in education delivery, facilities and services. A Fee Security Plan has also been introduced for international students who have not started their course and are eligible for a refund of tuition fee. Read More »

CHEC positions among the most preferred accreditation granting institutes in the US

Council of Higher Education Commission has the prevalent number of academic institutes accredited under its name. By the end of the year 2018, CHEC successfully accredited 210+..

Reasons for picking an accredited educational institute for a safe future

Importance of an accredited institute cannot be overemphasized. Imagine if the degree, certificate or a diploma you have earned after hard work and struggle of months and years and...

Importance of Strategic Planning in Higher Education

Strategic planning is a systematic process for designing the future of higher education institutions. The planning process usually focuses on enhancing the quality of teaching, increasing research...